Forgiveness by Julie Pate

Often in life, the actions or words of others are hurtful and can leave us with feelings of anger, resentment and isolation.  When we hold onto grudges, or old resentments, we are constricting ourselves, preventing us from living freely, and hindering our own joy.  Asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation are most traditionally used to help students navigate through life in a positive way, however looking at behaviors that may be harming is essential for good health and vitality.

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Yoga Moving Forward

Yoga studios may have started with good intention, I know I started mine in 1992 in order to help people feel better and to find calmness of mind.  But many yoga studio owners soon found that simply offering classes to the masses wasn’t a viable business.  Simultaneous to discovering the need to have more teachers on staff so burnout didn’t happen to the studio owner(s), they also discovered that they could make more money training new teachers than teaching classes. Training Programs generated the output of more teachers which then flooded the market, and yoga studios and teachers both found that there were too many teachers who could not make a living teaching regular yoga classes to the masses. 

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Yoga For Migraines (as first published on Migraine Buddy)

In seeking health, I have discovered that there is no magical cure to migraine – even yoga. The best thing that yoga has given me is the ability to manage life in a better way. Through physical movement, breath practices, and meditation/visualization I have come to learn that I am not my migraines – they do not define me. This is a battle I fight every day, and there are many days when I feel that it I am in a losing battle. But I live in hope instead of despair, because of yoga.

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