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SCHYS 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Step 1 of Yoga Therapy Training Program Overview

You are about to embark on an exciting journey to learn deeper aspects and concepts of yoga. Whether you choose this journey for your own personal growth and knowledge or you have the desired goal to teach and help others on this path we call yoga, we believe this program to be among the best in the country if not globally. We love to share the gifts of yoga and we are only too happy to have others interested in this great journey as we are. Should you have any questions, please just ask. All SCHYS faculty are multi-tradition trained, this means our curriculum does not adhere to any particular lineage. We are heavily influenced by the therapeutic teachings that come from the Krishnamacharya to Desikachar lineage, and bring in teachings from other styles and teachings that our faculty have acquired in their years of study. We believe this makes our programs well-rounded and accessible to all as we take the best from every style, tradition, and lineage, especially where there is overlap among them. All programs are directed by JJ Gormley, one of the premier leaders in the field, beginning her journey in 1979. JJ ensures that she teaches the majority of the curriculum at all locations. SCHYS was among the first Schools to register with the Yoga Alliance (in 1999) and also with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), (our yoga therapy program was accredited in 2017) and is the premier Yoga Therapy Training Program in Virginia and Chicago, IL.

All SCHYS programs meet via a weekend module format.  Each program meets approximately one weekend per month for eleven months.  We believe immersing oneself in the curriculum for little bits at a time (a weekend’s worth of new information), then taking time to assimilate and digest the information before bringing in another little bit is the best way to learn—bite off little bits at a time, and take the time to digest. In addition to the weekend program modules, there are online classes, practicum, quizzes, exams, and other outside study.  The online discussion posts (for the online classes, and reading assignments) keep the students and faculty engaged with each other during the time between modules.

SCHYS uses an online website, Schoology.com, to organize each program. All students will be required to have access to a computer with appropriate software and current operating system to utilize Schoology.com. The ability to play audio and video media is required for the online classes.  Some online classes are audio recordings, most are video recordings, therefore students must have technological capabilities to take these classes--we can assist students who have less technological aptitude.  All course information, materials, online classes, quizzes and exams for each program are set up on schoology.com.  Quizzes and exams are all open-book.

Continue your journey with SCHYS' 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. This program is for teachers with a 200-hour certificate (or equivalent study and training) who want to delve further into the rich knowledge that yoga has to offer. Potential applicants must complete the self-paced online classes bridge program, and may begin the bridge program at any time prior to the start date of the program for which you are applying.

We will take a deep dive into sequencing, western anatomy, the subtle body, pranayama, yogic philosophy, ayurveda, and more! Our Faculty will give you the tools to take your yoga off the mat and into the world. Because this program is grounded in yoga therapy as inspired by TKV Desikachar, the emphasis is on safety and healing the body, mind, and spirit.


This 300-hour program is also the beginning step of our Yoga Therapy Training Program.  For those applicants who already have a RYT300 we offer a $150 discount —please apply using the appropriate application for those with an RYT300.

Student’s who complete the Bridge Program before their Step 1 begins are eligible for a $100 discount when they sign-up for a Step-1 SCHYS Training Program. Enter BRIDGE100 when you pay for tuition for a SCHYS Step 1 Training Program.


Graduates of the 300-hour program/Step 1 may continue their journey on to Steps 2 and 3 to complete their Yoga Therapy Certification (for C-IAYT).  Our Yoga Therapy Program is an Accredited Program with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).


We begin accepting applications approximately six months prior to the start date. See Schedule of Program. Email barb@schys.yoga for more information and to apply (.docx). See admission process here. Your application must include a non-refundable $80 application fee.

Potential applicants may begin the online Bridge Program at any time. Those who complete the Bridge Program prior to the start date of Step 1 are eligible for a $100 discount off their tuition, use code BRIDGE100 at time of tuition payment.


Yoga Alliance

SCHYS 300-Hour Program is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Graduates of this program may apply to Yoga Alliance for their RYT-500.

International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

SCHYS is a member school of the IAYT, and SCHYS 900-Hour Program is an accredited program with the IAYT. Graduates of this program may apply to IAYT for their C-IAYT. Step 1 is the first year of this three-year program.

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topics in our 300-hour yoga teacher training curriculum

This 11-month program takes place with program modules (meets one weekend per month of hands-on study with faculty), online classes, practicum (internship with faculty and externship or teaching on your own), private sessions with faculty for self-study and improvement, and administrative sessions with faculty for questions and answer sessions. plus you’ll enjoy one five-day retreat with JJ Gormley.

  • Yoga Foundations: Introduction to T. Krishnamachary tradition, Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, Relating to Arjuna’s despondence, Introduction to the Yoga Sutras, Introduction to kleshas and antarayas, Relating kleshas to practice, States of mind (ahamkara-citta-buddhi-pratyaya-sattva), Introduction to the Upanishads, The pancha maya model, The pancha vayu model, Introduction to mudras, mantras, nadis, marmas, Introduction to ayurveda, The chakra model, The guna model, prakriti/vikriti, ama/agni, prakopas, The vyuha model for healing, Chakra model as bio-psycho-social-spiritual model, Comparison (Western vs Eastern) of models.

  • Teaching Methodology & Skills: The Ashramas (life cycles), Vinyasa krama for course planning, Upayam of yoga, Brahmana, langhana, & samana in Course Planning, Time management, Developing a pranayama practice, Teaching mantra, The role of pratyhara in our practice, Establishing boundaries and priorities, Teaching meditation, Teaching a therapeutic-based workshop, Characteristics of a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, Teaching pranayama to students, Yamas & niyamas for Students, Developing relationship skills.

  • Bio-Psycho-Social Foundations: General anatomy, Anatomy of the spinal column, Anatomy and alignment of the lower body, Anatomy and alignment of the upper body, Women’s issues, Anatomy of the diaphragms, Endocrine system, Contraindications for common issues, Anatomy of stress and the HPA-axis, Anatomy of the energetic body, Anatomy of bandhas, Introduction to mental health, Anatomy of anxiety & depression, Anatomy of grief and the multidimensional human being.

  • Application of Skills: Applying assessment skills to group settings, Developing lesson plans, Demonstrations and verbal instruction, Communication and inclusive language in practice, Helping those with back pain, scoliosis and other structural issues, Adjustments and modifications for asana and pranayama, Developing a practice toward bandhas, Integrating body, mind & spirit, Integrating the physical and the energetic bodies, Practicing skills learned, Selecting appropriate upayam, Helping students achieve emotional balance.

  • Professional Development: Svadhyaya for teachers, Ethical standards from the Bhagavad Gita, Issues for professional development, Establishing your business: insurance, taxes, and more.

  • In addition to the above curriculum in the Program Modules, students will also enjoy Practicum under faculty guidance (externship and internship), online classes to supplement the material learned in the program modules, one retreat with JJ Gormley, and much more.


Pre-requisites: One year of teaching yoga (minimum of 40-hours teaching experience), an RYT200 or equivalent, an Online Bridge Program is required for all applicants to the 300-Hour Program, as well as a consistent home practice for at least one year. Students who have completed SCHYS-200-Hour Program may have already completed all or most of the Bridge Program (depending on year of graduation) may apply without the Bridge Program (any components of the Bridge Program not completed, must be as part of the pre-requisites—to purchase individual classes email jj.

This 300-hr program is offered over 11 weekends we call Program Modules. These modules generally meet once per month on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to attending the Program Modules, students complete online classes, complete assigned reading (.pdf), engage in our Faculty-Mentorship program, observe and/or assist Faculty in their classes, take part in practical application of acquired knowledge, be involved in discussion of course material (both online and in class), and join JJ and faculty on a SCHYS yoga therapy retreat. Finally, students must complete online quizzes, submit a 5-7 page research paper, and take the open-book final exam.  This is all done in the spirit of helping you integrate yogic teachings into your own life, and being able to more confidently offer yoga to your students.

Format of Training

This 300-Hour Training Program takes place in approximately eleven months. Students will meet as a group once-per-month for a Program Module which is hands-on study with faculty. Most locations are scheduled to meet one weekend per month of 15.5 hours over a Saturday and Sunday and if the eleven months are not run consecutively, the program may take twelve or more months to complete. However, some programs have scheduled one or more four-day weekends to cover two Program Modules from Thursday through Sunday and may finish the program in less than eleven months. Please see the individual training program schedules. Simultaneously, students will go through the online classes at their own pace, watching approximately one hour-long class per week. Making comments and responding to colleague’s posts keeps the group actively participating with each other and with faculty throughout the training between the weekend Program Modules. For the Practicum portions required with faculty, students need to individually arrange their practicum portions with faculty (observing.assisting faculty, meeting for admin. review, and meeting for a private yoga therapy session), and these hours should begin immediately and be paced and spread-out over the training program. Students should also allow approximately 5-10 hours per week for outside homework, reading, and study.

Steps for Enrollment

This 300-Hour Program has the application and enrollment process:

  1. Pre-Requisites: Ensure you meet the pre-requisites.

  2. Apply: Download an application (.docx), (For those applicants who already have a RYT300 we offer a $150 discount —please apply using the appropriate application for those with an RYT300). Please complete the application and return to SCHYS via email (send as attachment). Your application must include a non-refundable $80 application fee. Once we are in receipt of both application and application fee we will let you know that you application is being processed. Please allow two to four weeks for processing.

  3. Enroll: You will receive written notification informing you of your acceptance or declining your enrollment. If accepted, you will receive an Enrollment Agreement. To Enroll and finalize the admissions process, please return the Enrollment Agreement with your initial payment &/or non-refundable deposit of $1,008. PLEASE NOTE: Fees and fee structure may change for programs beginning in 2020.

    Click her to see tuition options

  4. Welcome: Once you’ve been accepted and SCHYS receives your signed and returned Enrollment Agreement with payment, you’ll receive a Welcome letter with information about the program and how to access materials and the online classes. This will include the access code to the program on Schoology.com. All students will need to register on schoology.com with their own username and password. From this point forward, all communication to students will be through Schoology.com.

Become part of a community, cultivate new friendships, enjoy an enhanced learning experience, deepen your knowledge of yoga, and receive guidance for a sustainable and transformational personal practice