YTT Study Guide

YTT Study Guide

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Each SCHYS Program has an associated Study Guide which is a great tool for yoga therapists and teachers in training.  Each Study Guide has all the questions that you will be expected to know before taking the final exam for your program. They are a great way to study with colleagues in the program with you. The answers for the study guide can be found by attending the Program Modules, Handouts, Online Classes or by simply raising the question when given an opportunity. At the end of the program, when your study guide is all filled out you can see how much you've learned in the program!

When ordering, please specify which Program for which you need the Study Guide: 200-Hour, Step/Year 1, Step/Year 2, or Step/Year 3.

NOTE: Since January 1, 2019, Study Guides are included in the cost of tuition. Please do not purchase separately.

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