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Winter 2020 - Substance Abuse & Addictions-2 with JJ Gormley

Pre-Requisite: Bridge Program

This is a two-part online class series, also associated with (and required for) a Specialty Certificate Program. In Substance Abuse & Addictions-2 (SAA-2) Online Class, we will continue to look at the physiology, and psychology behind addictions and addictive behavior and how yoga has been used successfully as an intervention. We’ll look at current studies showing evidence-based research using yoga as the intervention for Substance Abuse & Addictions. SAA-2 focuses on Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, the Opioid Crisis, Food Addictions and Eating Disorders and more.

Class meets 8 weeks: Wednesdays 2:15 - 3:15 p.m. (No Class Feb 5, 2020)

Students may be interested in obtaining their Yoga for Substance Abuse & Addictions Specialty Certificate through SCHYS. Pre-requisite: C-IAYT.

Students who registered for the Specialty Certificate Course for Substance Abuse & Addictions will be automatically enrolled in these two online courses (SAA-1 and SAA-2), therefore no need to register here.