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Winter 2020-Case Studies-14 with JJ Gormley

Pre-Requisite: Students must be enrolled in Step 2 or 3 of SCHYS Yoga Therapy Training Program, be a graduate of SCHYS Yoga Therapy Training Program, or by permission from JJ Gormley.

Each week, experience how a Yoga Therapist perceives a case, brings it through the models of Yoga Therapy, applies upayam (tools), and determines contraindicated upayam. Students enrolled in SCHYS Steps 2 or 3 will be presenting cases of clients they are currently working with while JJ and participants will help understand the client through the many models of the yoga therapist (chakras, doshas, pancha mayas, etc.) and give opinions on possible samanam and sodhanam for the yoga therapist in training to consider. Graduates of SCHYS Yoga Therapy Certificate Program may also present their cases for others to learn from or to gain more opinions from faculty and peers on options for proceeding.

Case Studies of the Yoga Therapist
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