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SCHYS Bridge Program

SCHYS Bridge Program is required for any of the following SCHYS Programs:

  • 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program/Step 1 Yoga Therapy Certificate Program

  • Any Specialty Certificate Program

The bridge program is an online, self-paced program that includes audio and video recordings of previously conducted classes for students in training. Each class has approximately eight to ten lessons, each lesson is approximately one-hour in length. To complete the bridge program, listen or watch each lesson’s recording and follow along with the handouts. After you’ve listened to a lesson, make a post to the Discussion Board and also make a comment on a colleague’s post. Faculty will respond to your post including answering any questions you may have. These classes help the applicant understand foundational material taught in SCHYS 200-hour training program, that other 200-hour training programs may not include or do not teach in this detail or in this particular way. In this way, all who begin SCHYS 300-hour or any Specialty Certificate program will have the same foundational knowledge. Total of 42 hours. The Bridge Program includes the following online classes — $200:

  1. Philosophy 1 - 8 hours

  2. Course Planning 1 - 8 hours

  3. Course Planning 2 - 8 hours

  4. Course Planning 3 - 10 hours

  5. Course Planning 4 - 8 hours

Students who graduated from a SCHYS Program prior to 2018 must complete all of the Bridge Program courses, but may need only Course Planning 2 through Course Planning 4 (26 hours Total) — $100.

  1. Course Planning 2 - 8 hours

  2. Course Planning 3 - 10 hours

  3. Course Planning 4 - 8 hours

Upon purchase of the Bridge Program you will receive an access code for the Bridge Program on, you will need to register with a username and password with

Applicants to SCHYS Program should have begun these online classes prior to the start of the Program, it is not necessary to have them fully completed, you may continue the Bridge Program concurrent with the Program you have enrolled.

Bridge Program/Foundations for Yoga
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